Teeth By DnashDo You Have AWarranty

The Good, The Bad,
and The Ugly

   We’ll start with the Ugly.  As in THIS is my face when a client is unsatisfied or their TBD break.  I’m in the business of smiles, and frowns are not on the menu.  Trust me, I feel as bad as you do when these things happen.

   The Bad is that TBD do not carry a warranty.  These are thin pieces of plastic riding in a cavity manipulated by the strongest muscles and hardest bones in your body.  Accidents happen.  If you follow the instructions properly, there’s  little chance you’ll end up needing a repair, but if you don’t, Bad things are going to happen.

   The GOOD is that there ARE some protections.  If you have ordered through the mail and your TBD are not perfect on arrival, I am happy to make any adjustments you need.  Breakage is not expected, but has happened in rare cases, and if something is damaged when you apply your TBD for the first time, I am happy to fix it.

   Your TBD are designed to last you for many years of wear, but all manner of things can happen to them.  Sometimes, one of those things is the abandonment of common sense; opening beer cans ala “Teen Wolf” for example.  When you break the work, I’m usually able to tell how it happened, and what contributed to the circumstance.  There are cases where there was a mistake or fault in the manufacture of your TBD, and this will be evident or upon examination.  It will also be evident if you misused your TBD.

   ALL “warranty” work is at my discretion, and acknowledgement of this is required at the time of purchase via your mail or in-person consent forms.