Teeth By DnashProper CareInstructions

Proper care and feeding of your Teeth, Tusks, and Fangs

   Below are a few care instructions for your TBD. Please follow them to the best of your abilities for they will increase the life of your fangs dramatically.


   Your TBD have been handcrafted to the best of my abilities to the condition of your mouth or the moulds you have provided me. Please note that these teeth will reflect the state of your mouth at the time of your fitting. It is important to wear your TBD regularly; at least once a month. This is because your teeth are in a constant state of drift, however invisible it may be to the naked eye. If you do not wear your TBD over an extended time, slight changes in your mouth may affect the fit. Regular wear trains your natural teeth to remain in the same relative position.

   If you find that your fangs are a little loose, please feel free to use a little bit of PolyGrip dental adhesive. You can do so by adding a small amount to the top of the cap rim, just inside the rear face. Please do not fill the fang with adhesive as it will affect the fit dramatically.

   If your fangs appear slightly whiter or lighter than your natural teeth, you may darken them a little by soaking them in coffee or tea for five minutes at a time until they match. I generally err on the side of a lighter shade than a darker one in comparison to your natural teeth because it is only possible to darken the final product, not lighten it. The only “whitening” remedy is to attempt to buff any staining off, but in the current tooth whitening climate, it’s not impossible for people’s natural teeth to become lighter than when their TBD was manufactured. If you are planning on having your teeth bleached, I can adjust the colour accordingly.

   Some people require denture adhesive to secure their fangs. If the case is true for you, I recommend PolyGrip. A tiny dab on the inside of the REAR of the fang will suffice; high up along the gum line and NOT deep into the pocket of the tooth as it will create an ill fit. If adhesive is put on the inside of the FRONT, it will show through the body of the fang resulting in “pink fang”. You MUST clean the adhesive off of the fangs every night after use to reduce bacterial buildup.


   Please store your fangs in the contact lens case provided by me, or one you bring to your appointment. These cases will minimize the potential for breakage while outside of the mouth and better distinguish between right and left.  This is probably the single most important thing you can do in your care regime to preserve the lifespan of your TBD.

   Please use only the screw top type of case as flip tops have a nasty habit of opening in a purse or pocket, and TBD have an amazing way of disappearing unexpectedly.

   Please keep your case clean; bacteria buildup may damage the fangs and cause an unpleasant odor. Please store them dry, not in any solution or water.


   You may clean your fangs by brushing them with regular fluoride toothpaste, being sure to clean the outside AND inside thoroughly after each day of use. Left unclean, they may develop stains more rapidly and bacteria accumulation will result in an unpleasant odor. Should the fangs become heavily stained, you may soak them in Efferdent for a short while. Please do not do this often however, as the solution may cause porosity in the acrylic over time.


   Please DO NOT use breath sprays such as Binaca, for they cause white spots on the fangs that are hard to remove.


   **Following these instructions and care tips will greatly lengthen the life of your fangs** Employ good judgment in their use, and they will serve you well for years to come.


   If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.