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   There are three ways to get fitted with Teeth By Dnash; on tour, in person, or through mail order.  The first two are in person and by appointment at either an event, a host business, a private location, or at my home studio.  Mail order is an option for those who are unable to make it to any of those locations, and I ship internationally.

   You must be 18, or at least 16 with a parent’s consent, and preferably no younger due to the physical state of a growing mouth.

   Please choose one of the following options for more information and directions on how you can get your mouth in my art.


   Mail order has been a foundational component of Teeth By Dnash since 1996.  The process is similar to making fangs in person, but has several additional steps and requirements.  Providing those steps are followed properly, your results will be indistinguishable from a one on one appointment.

   Let’s get started!!!

I.  Provide me with a Study Mould

   For mail order TBD to be as good as in-person TBD, I MUST have a proper representation of your mouth.  This requires you to provide me with a “study mould” to work from.  In most cases, you can obtain this mould from your dentist.  If you do not have a dentist (naughty naughty), there is a home impression kit I can supply, but I much prefer to have this work done by a professional.  Details on the kit can be found below.

   The study mould must be made from dental gypsum, preferably Type III but NOT orthodontic stone (very important), and must be free of all imperfections such as bubbles and flash.  Those imperfections are the best way to make your TBD fit poorly, so it’s important the moulds are CLEAN and TRIMMED.

   In the following image, A is a clean mould with clearly defined gum lines and free of flash.  Any tiny imperfections are easy for me to remove, and will not cause any issues.  This mould will provide the best fit for your TBD.

   B has a tiny bit of flash and some bubbles.  This is not optimal, but this mould usually can be used once I clean it, or if the teeth you are wishing to have capped are not affected by these artifacts.

   C cannot be used.  A mould in this condition cannot properly represent the tolerances needed to insure fit and look.  If you dentist has provided you with a mould that has these artifacts, you should demand the work be done again

   Your mould must be NO MORE than 6 months current, as teeth naturally shift over time, and even the smallest change can make a big difference when dealing with custom fitted work.  Moulds used previously for bleaching trays that have wax build up are not suitable.

II.  Include a shade prescription

   When your dentist is taking your impression for the mould, you must request a shade prescription.  This is just as vital a step as having a proper mould made, as it will tell me exactly what colour your teeth are.

   There are many shade guides out there, but I work off of the most common, universal one; the Vita Lumin shade guide.  It follows a letter/number convention from A1-D4, and also includes bleach shades M1-M3.  The one exception to the single letter/number convention is A3.5, but otherwise that is the information your dentist should provide you.

   While I CAN work off of other guides, this one is preferred and, as I said, universal.  If you do not provide the correct shade, your TBD will not match your natural tooth colour, so this is as important a step as insuring a proper fit.

I & II B.  “I Don’t Have A Dentist”

   In some cases, people do not have access to their dentist, or even have a regular dentist they can get their moulds and shade prescription from.  Have no fear, Dnash is here.  And you are there…..  So, what can we do?

   I DO offer a self impression/shade guide kit for US domestic clients.  I DO NOT like to operate this way because taking impressions and judging shade is best left to the professionals.  The tolerances involved are very easy to screw up, and they will lead to your fangs not fitting/looking properly.

   However, if this is your only option, I can send you a kit and will personally walk you through the impression process, and help find your shade via a live video consultation.

   The kit and the additional lab charges range from $75 – $100 usd, depending on if you want both top and bottom jaws moulded.  I recommend both, but it’s only mandatory if you want fangs on both the top and bottom jaws.

   Additionally, if your dentist insists on charging much more than $100 and you’re trying to keep costs under control, this may be an option.  As I said, this is a back-up option, and I believe it’s always best to get the work done by a professional.  YOU are not a professional.  Your dentist is, I am, and if you and i were able to be in the same room together, you’d be in a different section of the page right now 😉

III.  Fill out the Order Form

   You must agree to the Terms And Conditions set forth by Teeth By Dnash for your order to be completed.   To do so, please click on the link to the form, read it carefully, then print and fill out the form.

   This form must be sent with your order.  No orders will be filled without this signed waiver, so please read it carefully.  Please make sure to check the appropriate box for your colour prescription (if you bring the form to your dental appointment, your dentist can check the box for you), write down your requested style including any notes or custom requests in the space provided, indicate your preferred return shipping type, and the total amount from the options provided.

   If you are paying by checque (domestic USA only), you may include it with your form.  Otherwise, all payments will be invoiced directly as described below.  Cheques should be made out to Teeth By Dnash.

IV.  Pack your order properly


DO – Encase your moulds carefully in some sort of protective wrap or padding, such as bubble wrap or foam.  Often, your dentist can provide you with a box that includes the necessary padding, so it’s worth asking.   Your moulds should NEVER be loose in the box.  Any damage to them can make a proper fitting impossible.

DO NOT – Use packing peanuts, newspaper, or excessive tape.  Too much tape can make opening things difficult, and I have dropped moulds by accident in the past while trying to extricate them from 10 layers of packing tape over 5 layers of bubble wrap.

DO – Use a proper cardboard shipping box.  It doesn’t have to be huge, only large enough to include your materials.  You may want to use a sheet or two of bubble wrap to make sure things are not flying around loosely in the box.

DO NOT – Pack your materials in an envelope or mail sleeve, UNLESS you place your cardboard box inside of it.  If the moulds are not in a proper box, they can easily be damaged.

V.  Address and Ship your order to:

Teeth By Dnash
Saint Cloud, MN.  56302.

DO – Send your package via air mail or priority mail.

DO NOT – Send your package via UPS or FED EX, as they do not deliver to p.o. boxes.  If you MUST use a third party carrier, please discuss it with me first so we can make arrangements..

DO NOT – Send your package overnight UNLESS you have spoken to me first.   I tour, sometimes for weeks or months, and if I do not pick up the package soon after it arrives it gets automatically sent back to you.

VI.  Payment

   All of my work is custom made by hand, hence there are no returns once the commission has begun.  Payment must be made in full before the work begins.  That includes cheques that accompany an order clearing.

   I accept several types of payment; Cash.App, mastercard and visa (via cash.app), Zelle bank transfer, and the afore mentioned cheques for domestic US buyers only.

   Cash is not accepted via mail order.

   I will invoice you when I am ready to begin work on your order.

VI.  Turn Around

   There are two classes of orders; REGULAR and RUSH.  Both are serviced as “first come, first served”, although all Rush orders are completed before regular orders.

   Regular orders average 6-8 weeks, although the time may vary; faster or slower depending on season, tour status, and work load.  In the “off” season, sometimes turnaround can be as fast as a week.  It all depends.

   Rush orders are expedited, usually 2-3 weeks, but can also be deadline specific.  There is an extra PER PAIR fee for this service.

   PLEASE NOTE:  Due to seasonal demand, ALL orders received after August 1 require Rush if they are to be guaranteed by Halloween.

   Upon shipping, you will recieve confirmation and a tracking number.  I prefer to use the USPS, in part due to their costs, but more importantly because of their track record.  I have used every service, and they are the only ones who have never not delivered the goods.

   If you require alternative shipping, arrangements can be made.

VII.  Love Your TBD

   At first, I wanted you to want me.  Now that you’ve got me, I want you to love me…. I mean my work, that is..  Mail Order has one major disadvantage; You don’t get the final “all good” say over your TBD, which is very important to me.

   Or do you?

   One promise I make to my Mail Order clients is that if you are unhappy with an aspect of the work, I am happy to alter them either through the mail following initial receipt and review, or in person if we can hook up at a Fang Tour location.

   “Word of mouth” is the best kind of advertisement, and I want you telling EVERYBODY how happy you are.  If you aren’t, I haven’t done my job right.

   PLEASE make sure to refer to the CARE AND INSTRUCTIONS page once you receive your TBD.  There, you will find everything you need to know about to keep your TBD in good working order for many years to come.

🙂 <3 d.


   When I am not traveling on Fang Tour, I am available for private, in-person appointments at my studio, Le Salon Des Coquins, in Saint Cloud, MN.  Fittings are by appointment only, and start at about an hour per pair.

   Saint Cloud is easily accessible from Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport airport (MSP) in Saint Paul MN.

   If you happen to be a local and want to make an impression in the Halloween Capitol Of The World in Anoka, or if you’re a traveler passing through, booking a time is as easy as sending an email.


   Studio appointments may or may not require a deposit depending on if you are booking on the same day or in future.  Future appointment slots are only guaranteed with a deposit.

   I accept several types of payment; Cash.App, mastercard and visa (via cash.app), Zelle bank transfer, and Cash. 

   Cheques are not accepted for in-person appointments.


   Fang Tour is a chance for me to come out and hang with all of you beautiful people, and get knuckles deep in YOUR neck of the woods.   Be it a dedicated location, a convention or other special event, or maybe while I’m just on a work holiday, I try to bring my services closer to you.

   The are several steps to booking an in-person fitting during Fang Tour, and due to the madness involved with the entire endeavour, it’s important to understand them.

I. Initial Booking

   Visit the FANG TOUR page and choose a date and location for your Fang Tour appointment.  Once you have that, send me an email with your contact information and the date/location.  Having your contact information is crucial to managing your booking.

   Some dates may still be tentative and we both need to make sure the time is available and the date is happening.  At this point, you can choose your time slot.

   You will be sent an invoice.  You do not need to pay the invoice at this time.  You will pay it once I have solid dates and I process all of the booking confirmations.  If, at that time, you decide you want to cancel, we can do so.

II. Booking Confirmation

   Once I have confirmed all of the location and date details for Fang Tour, you will be invoiced.  Payment is due within 24 hours of invoicing, ar your appointment will be cancelled.

   This is the point at which all sales become final.


   Fang Tour appointments require deposits of at least 50%.  This deposit is non-refundable and goes to the cost of travel and other expenses.  DO NOT pay this deposit if you aren’t sure you can make your appointment.  Discounts are often available for those who pay in full BEFORE I hit the road.  Once I have begun travel, all prices are set.

   I accept several types of payment; Cash.App, mastercard and visa (via cash.app), Zelle bank transfer, and Cash.  All deposits must be made electronically.  Balances may be paid in cash at the beginning of your appointment.

   Cheques are not accepted for in-person appointments.  All sales are final.

   Your balance is due at the beginning of the appointment.

Show Up To Your Appointment

   Now, all you have to do is make sure you are where you need to be, when you need to be there.

   Please try to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment begins to fill out paperwork.  Every appointment that begins late moves everybody after them back.

   Please make sure I have a clean canvas.  Plan to brush and floss before your appointment, or at least after the last time you’ve eaten.  Not only is it gross, but hidden food particles can make their way into the work and be trapped.  FOREVER.

   no, not really.  But, it will create extra work that translates into extra time which, in turn, pushes everybody after you back.

   PLEASE let me know if you are going to be late, , and I will do everything I can to make accommodations, but if you miss your appointment, you still must pay for the time.  Those who do not do so may denied service in future.  As stated above, all sales are final.

   Please bring a contact lens case or other type of storage container with you for each pair of fangs you are purchasing.  Proper storage is an essential part of fang care, and once you leave your appointment, there will be a million reasons to take out your TBD before you get home.  Without a case, they won’t even be safe then, but that’s all in the TBD Instruction form.  If you forget to bring cases, I usually have them for sale.


 DO NOT send any money or materials to me until we have communicated directly.  I must confirm both your requested style AND that you have all of the materials required ready to go.  Also, if I am on Fang Tour, we should coordinate the sending your mail order for when I return from the road.

   If you are requesting a personal fitting on Fang Tour, I must confirm that the time slot you prefer is open, as well as confirm the style you wish created, as work times can vary greatly depending on the circumstances and style.

   You may contact me at any time via the means listed below, OR you may fill out the general contact form found here.