Teeth By DnashCustom Fang StylesTraditional Vampire

     Nothing says bloodsucker like a set of canine fangs, and the traditional vampire style speaks volumes for the lifestyle vamp to the casual LARPer alike.

     As with all of the styles on this page, the Traditional Vampire / Vampyre Fangs set is available in any length for the same price. My goal has always been to provide the MOST REALISTIC FANGS AVAILABLE, NO EXCEPTIONS. Be prepared to receive compliments not along the lines of, “Hey, where’d you get your fangs?”, But more like, “Hey, here’s my dentist’s #, I think he can help”.

     This set is the perfect starter kit for vamps and lupes alike, and like all of my sets, ready to upgrade when you are.

1 Pair - from $150 usd

Choose from the many standard styles available below, or visit the Custom Designs and Mix And Match pages to see how some folks have customized their smiles further!!