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We make each other’s dreams (or nightmares) come true!

   I am an artist.  Artists are kooky people.  One of the kookiest features of an artist is the dream that they could make a living (survival) off of their art.  Or at least just their kookiness.  Some get to have both.

   Since 1995, I have been able to do just that because of my AMAZING clients.  It’s truly been a privilege to be invited into so many thousands of mouths, and helped create so many thousands of dream/nightmare smiles.

   Without you, I would have had to rely soley on my kookiness which, all things considered, isn’t my strong(est) point.  I can never thank you all enough for all of the dreams (and nightmares) YOU have granted ME along the way.

   From stage to screen, to the alternative scene, and everywhere else in between, Teeth By Dnash has found a place, and I’ve only just begun 😉

   Here’s a small gallery of some of my happy clients and friends. If you love your TBD, and would like to share a picture of YOUR smile to be included, feel free to submit one to me via email.