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Shh… It Happens ūüôĀ

   Your TBD are not indestructible.  While they are desinged to live through mamy years of wear, accidents happen, and when they do, you can be assured that your investment is not for naught.

   While TBD do not carry a warranty, there are cases when there may be a manufacturing defect.  please refer to the warranty page for more details.

   The good news is that your TBD are made with a miracle material that allows me to put them back to new condition in 99% of cases.

   Remember to NEVER throw any pieces away.  They can be reused, especially the fang tips.  If I am unable to repair your TBD then a new piece may be required.  However, chances are that will not be the case.

¬† ¬†If you are in need of a repair, do not hesitate to contact me.¬† ¬†Please note, however, I do NOT perform repairs on other people’s work.¬† Every person in the trade has their own formulation of materials, colours, even different brands/quality of acrylics.¬† Other issues may be present that I cannot be responsible for in future, and there’s a good chance my colours will not blend with another maker’s work.¬† It’s also possible that the acrylics will not bond due to chemical differences.