Teeth By DnashWhat It CostsPrice List

Current as of 10/04/21

   TBD are commonly priced by the means of delivery (in-person in studio, in-person on tour, and mail order), and by the pair (2 teeth).  They are priced equally per pair, regardless of how many because of the added benefit of being individual pieces.  This allows for numberous looks to be achieved from purchasing one multiple pair style.

   The lowest pricing schedule is mail order.  The highest priced is in-person on Fang Tour.  This is due to the added costs involved in bringing my art to you, which can be substantial.  Please note, however, that with mail order comes other costs that you may or may not accrue through me such as shipping and the cost of having a mould made.

   All of my work is made by hand from scratch, and there are no mass produced components involved.  This is how I am able. top rovide the quality and individual aesthetic that every Teeth By Dnash client enjoys.

   All prices are in USD.

Custom Fangs / Teeth (per pair)

  • $150 – Mail Order
  • $150 – In studio (+ $50 appointment fee)
  • $200 – (+ $50 appointment fee)

Custom Fangs / Teeth (single)

  • $90 – Mail Order
  • $90 – In studio (+ $50 appointment fee)
  • $110 – (+ $50 appointment fee)

Custom Tusks

   Due to the custom nature of Tusks, and the amount of time and materials involved, prices may vary.

  • Starting at $425 – Mail Order
  • Starting at $425 – In studio (+ $50 appointment fee)
  • Starting at $450 – (+ $75 appointment fee)

Custom Designs

   Small customizations and stylizations to standard work are often included, but full mouth single pieces and other large items vary in time and materials involved.

  • Please contact me for an estimate

Self Impression Kit

   Home impression kits are available to domestic US customers only.  It is highly recommended to mould both top and bottom jaws, but if price is a consideration you may select only one jaw.  Price includes shipping of the kit to you, and a one on one video consultaion while you take your impression.

  • $100 Top and Bottom
  • $75 Top or Bottom only


  • Domestic US Priority Mail- $20
  • Domestic US Overnight – $30
  • International Shipping please email me for a quote
  • Extra shipping insurance available, though basic converage comes with most shipping options – Starting at $5


   Repairs are dependant upon what has happened to your TBD.  A simple buff and refurb to a pair of Fangs is about $30 + appointment fee if you are not having the service done during a standard fitting for additional TBD.  Repair of a broken or cracked TBD varies in price, but does not pass %75 of a replacement.  In the rare case the damage is beyond repair, replacement will be suggested.

  • Please contact me for an estimate