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The Best Costume Accessory EVER, Of Course!!!

   As if custom fangs weren’t enough, people started coming to me with all manner of requests.  It’s THESE situations I wish I was more of a shutterbug, because I’ve done more custom pieces than i can count and have almost no pictures to show for it.

   Be that as it may, you’ve probably already caught on to the fact that custom means custom, whether it’s a fang or some other kind of tooth, and the possibilites are endles.

   All you need to do is provide me with. apicture or some kind of reference material, and I’ll do the rest.

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Mix And Match

   Sometimes, a “custom design” is just a bit of a switcheroo.   MANY of my clients have added on to their TBD over timr, and the results vary.  As in LOTS OF OPTIONS!!

   Whether you start small and add on, or you jump mouth first into a larger style, the more TBD you have, the more new styles you can make.  You will notice on some of my larger styles a list of the other looks you can achieve with that particular one.  Again, your imagination is the only limitation.

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Your Mouth, Your Way

Choose one of the many standard styles below, or visit the Custom Designs / Mix And Match page and see how some folks have customized their smiles further!!