Teeth By DnashCustom Fang StylesInterview

   This set is based on the lengths and styles of the fangs seen in Anne Rice’s venerable “Interview With the Vampire”.

   It comes in two varieties; ”Normal” and “Attack”. The “Normal” style is featured predominantly in the film as shows just a “glimpse” of fang when having a conversation, while the “Attack” style is featured during feeding scenes. Both include three pairs of teeth on top, not two as commonly believed. It seemed fitting to make both styles available, depending on the wearer’s preference of shock value. An added bonus of this/these set(s) is that if one is willing to forgoe the subtle difference in the lengths of the lateral incisors and bicuspids between the “Attack” and “Normal” lengths, one could buy one set and a longer or shorter set of canines and mix and match at will.

   One last thing to mention about this set is the added comfort of the bicuspids giving the wearer the feeling of a completely closed mouth making these among the most comfortable available.

“Interview With The Vampire” is a © Copyright of Anne Rice.

3 Pair - from $450 usd

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