Teeth By DnashCustom Fang StylesSaint Peter

   Ahh, Saint Peter. Kids are great, especially when they aren’t your own. Not to say Saint wasn’t partially my creation, but he was a piece of work before I ever met him. Always trying to out do his “mommy”, he took my trademark set and added a set of bottom bicuspids. There’s nothing quite like seeing a tall, blonde boi dancing in a smoky club, alone in a three piece suit, wearing a set like this. 😉

   ….And just when you think they’re done, they keep growing. Saint added Laterals to complete his Interview set on top, and earned a “deluxe” seal of approval. This style adjustment actually became more popular than the original.

   I doubted at the time this would be the last namesake set from Saint, but he stayed true to his vision, and now it can be yours in both varieties.

    The basic style can be worn independently as Traditional Vampire, Lateral Incisors, Down Low, Double Down Low (top and bottom), Wolf, Wolf Down Low, Dnash Classic, and a few you can come up with yourself.

4 Pair - from $600 usd


5 Pair - from $750 usd

Choose from the many standard styles available below, or visit the Custom Designs and Mix And Match pages to see how some folks have customized their smiles further!!