Teeth By DnashCustom Fang StylesDown Low

   Down Low (DL) and Super Down Low (SDL) fangs are meant for stealth.  If discretion is your bag, but you just HAVE to have fangs in, these are the ones for you.  

   Covering the first (or second) bi-cuspid, or even BOTH first and second bi-cuspids if you want a “Double Down Low” look, these fangs are comfortable and hideable….. until you pounce.  

   You can take advantage of this look by simply wearing the bi-cuspids from a larger style, or purchase them separately to add on to another style or wear on their own.

1 Pair - from $150 usd

Choose from the many standard styles available below, or visit the Custom Designs and Mix And Match pages to see how some folks have customized their smiles further!!