Teeth By DnashAlso available forProblem Mouths

   Nobody provides me with a perfect canvas. Well ok, ALMOST nobody, but some folks definitely have more going on in their mouths than the average bear. Vampire. Whatever, I handle both. Luckily, your mouth problems are no problem for me. Whatever situation you may be dealing with, There are TBD for you, and in most cases I am able to provide results that mask the little imperfections that make you YOU.

   In fact, problem mouths present me with some of the most challenging and fun projects, as well as the most gratifying.  The father who comes to me like Mud Chucker here…. yes, Mud Chucker, who wants a front tooth so he can take family photos on his daughter’s wedding day. Or another client who beat an amphetamine addiction that destroyed his natural teeth (and almost his life) but pulled out of it, landed a great job, and needed a temporary smile solution until his dental coverage kicked in. Or yet ANOTHER client who didn’t have much of anything crazy going on, but had been told by one of my colleagues that her mouth “wasn’t right for fangs”, and that “It can’t be done  with a mouth like yours”.

   Well, I believe ANYTHING can be done with a mouth like yours.  Smiles are for everybody, and if your smile needs a little help, I will do everything I can to get it across the finish line.  We may have to compromise and find some alternatives, but there’s nothing wrong with being YOU-nique.

Missing Teeth

   A replacement tooth for one you have lost is a very common request.  These are easy to make, and easier to wear, although my regular rules still apply; these are not meant to be eaten or slept with.  If you need a fully functional partial, I’d advise you to speak to your dentist.

   If, however, you are simply looking for something to get you through the awkward period before a permanent solution can be found, Teeth By Dnash has you covered.

Under Developed

   Baby teeth.  We all had them.  Some never lost them.  This is no problem for Teeth By Dnash.  Whether it be a cover up with a TBD that looks like a regular adult tooth, or a fang, your TBD will put your mouth back into porportion.

under developed
under developed


   Crooked teeth are THE most common people come. tome with.  Nobody’s mouth is perfect, but some DO need. alittle help, even if the issue is more apparent to you than anybody else.

   Crooked teeth come in all types, sizes, and distributions, but Teeth By Dnash will find a way to make thing even or, if no other options remain, use your natural bite to help create a look nobody with “normal” teeth ever could.

Multiple Issues

   This client was both missing a lateral incisor AND had an irregular distribution of teeth across the front.  Even with these multiple issue, we were able to find. a solution that worked.

multiple issues
multiple issues


   And then there’s the biggest problem of all.  NO teeth.

   While it’s not been a common request in the past, interest in fanged dentures has spiked in the past couple of years.

   There are several different ways to attack this issue, from modifying an existing denture you have to creating a new one.  Options range from removeable Fangs like “normal” folks, to having them permanently attached so you can function as normal.  Even though i still recommend no eating with them.