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Tampa, FL / June 18-20
North Carolina / TBA

   As of Halloween 2022, Teeth By Dnash has returned to a boutique, concierge service via mail order, in person fittings at my studio, or select events.  I will no longer be touring strictly for fang work, as my other artistic endeavours have become more demanding of my time.


    Teeth By Dnash is still available year round, and my new schedule will allow for much faster mail order turn around, and home studio availability.

     Any dates for future special events will be found here.  I’d like to thank everybody who was part of Fang Tour from 2006 to 2022 for taking my art global, and for supporting the arts in general.  I could not do what i do without you <3

   Fang Tour began in 2006 as a means to bring my art closer to you.  Many people prefer in-person fittings, and I love to travel, so it’s a wonderful symbiotic relationship.

   Detailed instructions on how to book a fitting can be found on the Book A Fitting page.  Fitting, eh?.