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    Some people need their TBD to be bigger than everybody else’s.  Don’t ask me, I just work here.  Then again, what kind of full service artist would I be if I didn’t offer ALL kinds of teeth, and Tusks are certainly the ruler of them all.

   Tusks are fully custom made to whatever style or look you want, so whether you want slim and spikey, short and stumpy, or pork’n and orc’n, your TBD Tusks will make you the Captain of the Citadel.  Or at least your regional LARP.

   My Tusks are also comfort fit for near complete occlusion, so the only thing you need to worry about is drooling between your lips.  Trust me, it adds to the look.

   When you’re ready to go to extremes, drop me a line and we’ll discuss just how far YOU want to go.

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Choose from the many standard styles available below, or visit the Custom Designs and Mix And Match pages to see how some folks have customized their smiles further!!