Teeth By DnashCustom Fang StylesRogue

   Named after, and dedicated in loving memory to my viking brother from another mother, Michael Dexter, the original Rogue in my menagerie.

   “Hail Odin” was the greeting I first received from Mike Dexter when I met him in Boston in 1996. The original Mix And Match’er, he first wanted the Brooklyn set but decided to add the bottom canines for some extra spice, thus making in essence a Brooklyn set in “Wolf” clothing. Mike embodied the true animal in all of us. Well, in SOME of us anyway 😉 His loss in 1999 still haunts me to today.

   ”Heilsa” right back at you, brother. I couldn’t name this style after a better mate.  Rest in peace, or maybe rather in Valhalla where there is little peace, but much merriment. <3

   This style can be broken down to Traditional Vampire, Lateral Incisors, Brooklyn, or Wolf.

3 Pair - from $450 usd

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