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   The Dnash style is the one i’ve worn since I first began making fangs. Originally, I gravitated towards the Lost Tribe and Wolf styles because I preferred the “cab forward” longer front fangs with the shorter rear ones, and my animal side cannot live without bottom fangs. However, I also wanted something that sat back farther in the mouth so it was easier to conceal, AND i enjoyed the much added comfort of the bi-cuspids which add an occlusal surface that feels like you are closing your mouth all the way.

   I wore that set exclusively until the early 2000’s when I decided to change it up. I wanted something even more easy to conceal, yet still keep the “gaping maw” effect. This was realized when I swapped the lengths on the top fangs to shorter in front and longer in the back. This really allowed me to keep things hidden until i really wanted to show them, and the result was something that i felt was even more dramatic than the original.

   Both versions are available, as well as the popular option for some clients to forgo the bottom canines and just purchase the tops. After all, one can always add on later 😉

 Other possible combinations include: Traditional Vampire, Wolf, Bottom Canines, and Down Low.

3 Pair - from $450 usd

(Top Only)

2 Pair - from $300 usd

Choose from the many standard styles available below, or visit the Custom Designs and Mix And Match pages to see how some folks have customized their smiles further!!