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Frequently Asked Questions

   I get a LOT of inquiries, and I’ve compiled quite the list of answers over the years.  The new website has many of those answers built into the pages, but I figured I would ressurect my old FAQ from the dead and populate it with some of the most common ones. 

   If you STILL haven’t found the answers to what you’re looking for once you’re done, you can always reach out to me via email, phone, or text.  

General Inquiry

What are Teeth By Dnash?

Teeth By Dnash, or TBD for short, are custom crafted dental special effects teeth that are manufactured and fitted for each individual client. I began making custom fitted vampire fangs in 1995 and grew in the following decades to include a full range of special effect teeth. My name is Dnash, and I make every single TBD personally to order.

For more about me, you can either read my bio or continue to the end of the FAQ to the personals section 😉

How are TBD made?

The process ranges from very simple to very difficult, with a heavy dose of artistry and experience to boot. The most BASIC way to describe TBD are to say they are much like a temporary crown that is moulded perfectly to your natural teeth, and slip over them when worn. My process insures a perfect fit, and NO changes are made to your natural teeth. Health and safety come first, and that includes making sure you maintain the most important bones in your body. To ME anyway, lol.

The process does differ slightly depending on whether you get your TBD in person or via mail order, but the results are the same.

What are TBD made of?

All of my TBD are manufactured using the highest quality dental acrylic available. This is the same material used to make temporary crowns, dentures, retainers, and other types of dental devices. It’s basically a very strong medical plastic.

Will my TBD look real?

Realism IS my bag, baby. In fact, the majority of my shapes and styles are designed on naturally occurring anatomy which lends to their strength, comfort, and of course realism.

Of course I CAN copy any styles or shapes you can think up, or that you may have seen from another company. Because everything is completely custom, your desires are mine to fulfill. If you can imagine it, chances are I can make it.

One of the primary differences between TBD and other dental effects, and in fact one of the many things that garnished Teeth By Dnash the reputation it has are my proprietary colour matching formulas. No matter how you purchase TBD, you can be sure they are going to match your natural teeth. The mail order process assures this by requiring a visit to the dentist for the materials you must send me in order to complete your TBD.

Once in a while a client will request something that falls under the category of “un-natural”. Be it a shape, colour, or any other custom modification, I am able to accomodate you with very few exceptions. In most cases the only limitation is your natural mouth, and that decision is made on an individual basis.

How long will my TBD last?

That answer depends entirely on how well you care for your TBD. I design my pieces to live happily in your mouth for many years to come. I include a comprehensive list of instructions and care suggestions with every purchase, but you can also find a copy of it here.

That being said, I have clients who still have their teeth over 20 years and going strong. I have also seen clients come back to me less than an hour after their appointment to have a repair done. Suffice it to say if you follow the instructions you are much more likely to end up with an experience like the format, not the latter.

Can you make my TBD permanent?

Unfortunately, I neither produce, nor can I recommend anyone who can apply permanent fangs or special effect teeth. My governing reason for this is my concern for the health of your mouth. When one has permanent fangs or teeth made, a necessary byproduct is damage their natural teeth by either removing or acid etching the surface of your tooth, or in some extreme cases, extraction. No dental materials are rated to last “forever”, and invariably you will need to have some rather expensive maintenance done. Your mouth is the one of the most important links in the chain of your overall health, and your natural teeth SHOULD last you a lifetime. Damaging or removing them for aesthetic purposes is something I will not contribute to.

It is worth considering that many dentists shave natural fangs down in a process called contouring because they end up pushing your other teeth around your mouth, creating all kinds of issues. The temporary fangs don’t cause these problems because they aren’t in your mouth all of the time. Permanent fangs generally are more of a headache (literally) and cost prohibitive in more ways than they are worth.

For those who are unable to be swayed, I do recommend as an intermediate step an investment in a similar product to mine that is temporary, yet will allow them to feel what it would be like to live with augmented teeth. Some come to realize it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

An additional benefit to my kind of work is that it’s modular; you are not married to one sigle style and you can switch up your look at will. Those who invest in larger, multi pair sets can get many more variations than they originally paid for. Not so much with permanent fangs or teeth.

As a personal anecdote, I had a rather famous client who passed away several years ago. He had initially approached me for permanent fangs, but I was able to get him into a “try it out” set. He ultimately chose the permanent route, and had all of his natural teeth removed to make way for a fully customized, implanted set of replica “tiger” teeth. To my knowledge, he never ate solid food again. It broke my heart.

The best advice I can offer is to keep searching the web, but as I said, I cannot recommend them because of the long term effects they may have on your mouth and by extension, your overall health.

I’m very sorry.