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Hey dnash,

I received the fangs. LOVE ‘EM!!!
You did a fantastic job. I love how they all fit together so I can mix them up!
I will get some pictures of them out to you in the coming weeks!
Thanks Again!
P.S. I hope you do make it out to NOLA this year!

J Klein

Repeat Client

My fangs have time as you promised....right on my front door step....!!!!

I couldnt wait to try them out, and let me say they were PERFECT!! A night and day difference from the set i had before i had a set from you. These fit exactly !! Perfect color match, unbelievable!! I cant wait to show them off at the holloween parties this year. You can bet i will be bringing your business cards with me!!

Thank you so much for the UNBELIEVABLE craftmanship, GREAT price, and ON TIME SHIPPING. These will be fangs that i will use for a long time on various Vampire themes that i plan on doing over the years. If my bite ever changes to where i will need a new set you can bet i will be giving you my business again!!!!

I will try and send you a few pictures of me in my finished costume as soon as i get them taken and scanned if you would like to see the final product in use.

Have a great holiday !!


Paramedic by day, kick butt vampire at least for halloween!!!

Thanks for the great fangs, D!!!

I love them, and wouldn't trade them for anything I have.
This is the coolest thing I have ever spent a hundred bucks on.

Rock on. Peace.

Richie in Missouri

I forgot to share this with you, madam!

These are the same fangs I got 13 years ago. Still fit and I only wear them when I want to be pretty for an evening. I wore them out the other night and got complimented all night.

I'm definitely due for a new set. If you do another tour, I have to come find you! ❤❤

Markie M.

Just wanted to let you know, I got my fangs in last week, and I actually just tried them on today.

They are absolutely perfect!

So happy with these! I will send you a picture soon.

If I need more fangs in the future, I know where to go 🙂

D. Sutherland


I just got my fangs and holy crap, they are awesome.

Way beyond my expectations.

Jason H.

Hey Dnash! I just got my fangs in today (Halloween)!

They are perfect!

I truly appreciate you getting them to me soooo quickly!

J. Nelson

Thanks Dnash!!

Got the fangs you made for me about 13-14 years ago, and they still look awesome!

Chaz Rollazz