LADIES AND GENTLEMEN……. it’s time for the 4/10 = 40 SALE…….

the first ten pairs to be prepaid from 4 distinct categories will receive a HUGE savings on the 2015 prices, and be the FIRST to schedule their appointments for the Final Fang Tour​.

international Fang Tour customers will receive a $30 discount per pair, domestic Fang Tour customers will receive a $25 discount per pair, and both mail order and private studio customers will both receive a $20 discount.

these offers, once filled in each category will no longer be available. this is a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED sale that is ONLY available to members of the d-list. you can join by signing here.

this is a PRE PAID sale for FUTURE appointments / mail order. these funds are used to buy tickets and cover other expenses to make Fang Tour work. you may redeem your fangs at ANY time in the future; this deal will not expire.

that’s it.  just email me at dnash@dnash.com to make your booking or place your order. 40 pairs of fangs. huge discounts. this is a race. GO.