Final Call For Full Mouths….  the DNASH catalog

For a limited time, I am offering a tremendous deal on a package of fangs guaranteed to bring a smile to any mouth.  MANY in fact.  I am dubbing this special the “dnash catalog”.

The set includes 10 pairs of fangs:

  • 3 pairs of top canines (s, m, l)
  • 3 pairs of top laterals (s, l, and underworld)
  • 2 pairs of top bicuspids (s, l)
  • 1 pair bottom canines (m)
  • 1 pair bottom bicuspids  (s)

Worn in different combinations, you will have at your disposal the following styles:

Another added benefit is that you’ll never be without backup fangs if you happen to damage one. Or two.  Or five… you get the point. 20 of them.


mail order: $1050

studio appointmen: $1050

fang tour US: $1300

If you have ANY intent to purchase this set on Fang Tour, you must schedule with me ASAP as this set will take the better part of a day to complete.