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are you a dentist?

are you a vampire?

do you believe in vampires?

how did you get into this business?

Custom Fangs

what are your custom fangs made of?

what are they made of?

why dental acrylic as opposed to porcelain or metal?

are they removable?

are they single caps, or do you use a bridge?

how do they stay on?

how do i keep them in if they don't stay on by themselves?

can I eat with my fangs in?

what happens if I swallow a fang?

why can't I sleep with my fangs in?

can I bite people with these fangs?

can they break skin?

so, what CAN I do with these fangs?

can you make permanent fangs?

how do I care for my fangs?

can you make fangs in other colors?

can I get them in other styles?

can you copy a movie style?

can you make fangs that glow in the dark?

what is the size difference between short, medium, and long?

how long does it take to get them?

how do you make them?

If you have any questions after you have been through the site AND the FAQ, please feel free to email me and i’ll get back to you.